Announcing AR for Android: ARCore Technology is Here

Posted by Lauren Burke Meyer on 2/4/19 1:05 PM  |  1 min read time

Our Vectorworks Nomad mobile app now offers ARCore support on Android devices, thanks to Google’s ARCore technology. As of today, you can build new AR experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds, enhancing how you can approach planning and presentation. 

ARCore image 2

ARCore technology in action. Image courtesy of Vectorworks, Inc.

The announcement comes after we introduced the availability of Apple’s ARKit technology on iOS devices and shows our continued commitment to adopting AR. 

“With the addition of Augmented Reality for the Android platform, Vectorworks Service Select members with Android devices are now able to visualize their designs from Vectorworks 3D files in a new and compelling way,” said Vectorworks Mobile Team Manager Alex Nicol. “This new viewer will help designers convey design intent by rendering a virtual design in the real-world environment, at real-world scale.”

ARCore image 3

Another way ARCore functionality can help visualize designs in a real-world environment.
Image courtesy of Vectorworks, Inc.

Explore the new capability with our video.



We’re also offering the sample files showcased in our video. After you’ve downloaded the Nomad app, log in and click the “Sharing” tab. Next, open the “Vectorworks Samples” folder and then the “Augmented Reality” folder. Lastly, click on one of the VGX files to access.

Want to know if your Android can use ARCore? Read more about supported devices here.

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