9 Facts About James Bond Movie Sets and Their Creation

As conversations circulate online about who will take over Daniel Craig's role as James Bond, it's a good time to return to one of our favorite stories: the design work on Skyfall, the 2012 installation of the Bond franchise. And it just so happens that 11/8/22 is the 10th anniversary of Skyfall's release!

In this post, we’ll be sharing a few details about EON Production’s designs and workflows, as well as some interesting facts about the film itself. But to read to full case study on how Vectorworks was used to create the sets of Skyfall, click the link below.

READ: “Using Vectorworks for Bond Sets”


5 Ways EON Productions Used Vectorworks for the Set Design of Skyfall

  1. Vectorworks Design Suite was used to efficiently model multiple sets and adhere to strict deadlines.
  2. 3D models were completed in mere days to communicate designs to construction teams.
  3. The Scale Objects command was used for resizing and one-off adjustments to designs.
  4. The Text tool and Import command were used along with drawing, scaling, and hatching when designing the set for Skyfall’s iconic motorcycle chase in Istanbul.
  5. Blast layout schematics were designed in Vectorworks and easily shared with the production team for Skyfall’s dramatic finale.


4 Facts About the Production of Skyfall

  1. The production of Skyfall lasted five months.
  2. For the motorcycle chase at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the production team worked closely with the Historical Buildings Commission of Istanbul, as well as the Mayor and Council of Istanbul.
  3. The Shanghai set pieces were built on the historic Pinewood Studios, just outside of London.
  4. Skyfall Lodge, Bond’s childhood home and the site of the film’s climax, was created in the public heathland of Hankley Common in the UK.

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