3D Modeling Webinars for Interior Architects Using Vectorworks

The more you learn as an interior designer, the more solutions you’ll have in your metaphorical tool belt.

That’s why you’ll find interiors-specific content on Planet Vectorworks. In the past few months, you’ll have seen stories like:

In this post, you’ll see three webinars on 3D modeling that can also provide a boost to your interiors workflow.

In this first webinar, Luis M. Ruiz and Wes Gardner, two in-house architects and Vectorworks specialists, will show you various methods using 3D modeling for creating custom millwork and casework objects in Vectorworks. They’ll also share how to improve your interiors workflow to create custom building elements such as bulkheads, furniture, and ceiling treatments.

Vectorworks Interiors_3

You’ll do the following in the webinar:

  • Identify best practices of modeling for designing custom millwork elements to get the best output for visualization and documentation.
  • Explore workflows for designing and documenting custom furniture and exhibit design.
  • Discover when to use different types of 3D geometry to achieve the best outcome for your designs.
  • Determine when to apply color, texture, and lighting for best visualization effects.

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Transforming Your Workflow for Interior Projects

This webinar follows Eastlake Studio and their journey to transform their entire design process from a traditional 2D workflow to a fully integrated data-driven 3D modeling process.

Vectorworks Interiors_2

You’ll do the following in the webinar:

  • Discover how a 3D modeling approach helps solve common design problems.
  • Understand how to transition from a traditional 2D workflow to new customizable workflow using new tools and technology.
  • Learn techniques to take full advantage of your 3D model for communicating design intent effectively.
  • Discuss lessons learned by implementing 3D workflows for your interiors projects.

WATCH: Transforming Your Workflow for Interior Projects

Data-Driven 3D Modeling for Interiors

With more technology available to interior and architectural designers, the traditional approach to developing commercial projects is moving to exciting new places. 

Your workflow is no longer just about providing 2D drawings and details; great visualizations and smart take-offs can all be a part of your design process. In this presentation, you’ll learn how you can increase your efficiency and win more work with an integrated data-driven 3D modeling process.

Vectorworks Interiors_1

You’ll do the following in the webinar:

  • Discover how data-driven workflows can impact the project’s bottom line by integrating a more effective design process.
  • Understand the use and benefits of interior-specific parametric tools that you need to optimize the creation of your design presentations and project documentation.
  • Learn how to effectively set up and organize a project file to streamline the adoption of a 3D workflow.
  • Explore the differences between 2D and 3D approaches for your design process and learn how you can better implement a 3D workflow for your firm.

WATCH: Data-Driven 3D Modeling for Interiors

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