Top 5 Netflix Shows for Interior Design Inspiration

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One great place for you to get inspired is Netflix. The streaming platform provides a wealth of content that can help influence your next design. Here are five Netflix shows to do just that!

1. The Art of Design

One show perfect for getting your creative juices flowing is Netflix’s Abstract: The Art of Design. In each episode of this series, you’re given a look into the mind of a new designer. Various disciplines are represented in Abstract. You can watch episodes with sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, conceptual artist Olafur Eliasson, architect Bjarke Ingels, and much more.

If you’re wanting an episode specifically on interior design, check out the episode on Ilse Crawford, a Vectorworks user. The iconic designer says in the episode, “We spend 87% of our lives inside buildings. How they’re designed really affects how we feel, how we behave.” This is, perhaps, our favorite line in the entire episode, because it stresses just how important good design really is.

These episodes are so inspiring because they offer a chance to watch and listen to creatives who are at the height of their craft. Each creative has their own muse, and each is trying to say something different. This is what makes Abstract: The Art of Design such a beneficial watch for designers; the show allows you to be inspired in your medium by the master of another.

2. Queer Eye

This insanely popular and heartwarming Netflix series has a little something for everyone. If you’re into cooking, you watch for Antoni. Self-betterment? Karamo. Style? Tan. Grooming and a good laugh? JVN.

We, however, love to see a space completely TRANSFORMED by the talented Bobby Berk. In each episode, the “Fab Five” help an individual accept themselves and better their lives. Berk has an uncanny ability to parallel this internal change through his design.

3. Amazing Interiors

As it says in the teaser trailer, Netflix’s Amazing Interiors is all about the juxtaposition of something that’s “ordinary on the outside” and “extraordinary on the inside.”

What makes Amazing Interiors such a fun watch is how passionate the subjects of the series are about their designs. Sure, some of the designs are too “out there” to try and reference; but, they are sure to encourage you to take risks in your next project. And, with only one season, Amazing Interiors is an easy show to binge!

4. Master of None

You don’t just have to look to non-fiction shows to fuel your creative fire. Some of our favorite designs come from comedies and dramas. One Netflix show which features incredibly styled interiors is Master of None.

In the first two seasons, the show’s main character, Dev, had an enviable apartment in New York City. The bright apartment features an elevated kitchen, beautiful French doors, and a massive bookcase that stretches across most of the living area. All of these elements (as well as an awesome Eames chair) make the apartment bursting with personality.

5. Tiny House Nation

There are plenty of big shows on Netflix that can spur your passion for creative interior design. But there are also smallshows...

Tiny House Nation follows John Weisbarth and Zack Griffith as they travel the United States"helping families prep for the tiny lifestyle and create hypercustomized mini homes". And just because these homes are small, their design is no less important.

For us, great design happens when beauty and function intertwine. A beautiful space that you cannot live comfortably in is useless, and a practical space that isn’t aesthetically pleasing might as well be a tool shed. Tiny homes are essentially design puzzles. So, they’re a great way to put the dialogue of beauty and function into practice.

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