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Once your journey as a student has come to an end, and you’re ready to enter the real world, the right tools and a bit of financial help can make a world of difference.

That’s the goal of our student2PRO offering, to set you up for success with the best design software on the market.

If you recently completed a design-based program at a university, college, or post-secondary vocational school, you’re eligible for a 40% discount off a Vectorworks professional annual subscription.*

This advantage can help you ease the transition from student to design professional, gain a competitive edge in the job market, and boost your career while being mindful of your budget.

Entertainment designer Martin Benesh, who’s taken advantage of the student2Pro offering, said, “Vectorworks is a super powerful tool for communicating ideas. After working in the entertainment lighting industry for a year now, I can say with absolute certainty that spending the time to learn this software will provide you with unique opportunities that can’t be found elsewhere!”

But a 40% discount and a professional edge aren’t all that student2PRO has to offer you.

Vectorworks student2PRO also includes:

  • A one-time opportunity to convert all your student projects to watermark-free professional files at no cost
  • Free, one-time access to an on-demand certification course and the accompanying certification test (a combined value of $249 USD) to enhance your design skillset and bolster your resume
  • The latest in Vectorworks software upgrades, new content libraries, priority support, training, and more

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Martin Benesh — Turning a student2PRO Offer into a Career in the Entertainment Industry

You might be asking yourself though, “What does student2PRO look like in action?” Or, “Can I really use a discounted Vectorworks subscription to kickstart a successful career?”

Well, wonder no more. Instead, just look to Martin Benesh!

Benesh is a freelance lighting designer based in New York City. He graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz in the spring of 2022 with a degree in Theatre Arts Design and Technology.



Benesh, in fact, first downloaded Vectorworks Spotlight in high school to design lighting plots for a school play. “Oh my goodness,” he joked, “those early drawings were such a mess!”

Once in college, Benesh sharpened his Vectorworks skills, taking multiple courses that had a “heavy emphasis” on learning Vectorworks. “Then, once the pandemic started and the theatre department couldn’t put on live performances, it became super important to know how to use Vectorworks,” he said.

The designer notes Vectorworks’ ability to interface with previsualization software as a key advantage for exploring the different properties of light while unable to be in a theatre.

After graduation, Benesh moved to New York City and began doing freelance work. It was then that Benesh decided to purchase a Vectorworks annual subscription through the student2PRO program.

The file conversion service was super important to my purchase of Vectorworks. During my four years at university, I spent hours and hours working to develop my own symbol library, title blocks, and design workflow for entertainment lighting,” he said.


The designer was able to keep all these resources and has since been putting Vectorworks to work, drafting for TV productions and meeting quick turnaround times.

Benesh will continue to use Vectoworks as a draftsperson for Saturday Night Live’s “Beast” film unit grip and electric department and drafting for concerts!

 All Vectorworks drawings and images courtesy of Martin Bensh in collaboration with the Sightline Design Group.

*Local country guidelines and restrictions may apply. To qualify for one (1) discounted Vectorworks software license, students must have completed a design-based degree at a university, college, or post-secondary vocational school within the last 36 months and may be asked to submit transcripts or a diploma showing degree completion and date.

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