Support Your Open BIM Process with Solibri Direct in Vectorworks

Model checking and validation is an essential part of an Open BIM workflow. Whether it’s being done for your own benefit or to coordinate models with your consultants, there are many solutions out there that assist the process and make sure construction happens smoothly.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can use Vectorworks and Solibri Office to save time and money in the Open BIM process.

What is Solibri Direct?

Solibri Direct is a Vectorworks feature that enables a connection to Solibri Office, the BIM quality assurance program by Nemetschek sister company Solibri. The innovative feature is offered to all Vectorworks Architect and Landmark users. With this connection, you have access to the construction quality assurance capabilities of one of the most powerful industry foundation classes (IFC) data model checking services.

Changes made to the Vectorworks model geometry or data immediately synchronize with the IFC model in Solibri. Objects selected in Solibri can be isolated and selected in Vectorworks. And, with the release of  Vectorworks 2022, you’ll have access to a live sync of the view changes when navigating your model in both Solibri and Vectorworks. Real-time connections yield real-time solutions for you and your collaborators.

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How Can I Use Solibri Direct in My Open BIM Workflow?

To use Solibri Direct, you must have an active license of Solibri Office installed. From there, follow these steps:

  1. Export your model to IFC.
  2. When the export is complete, save your Vectorworks model.
  3. Select “Solibri Direct” in the Tools menu.
  4. Click “connect.”
  5. Once your connection is established, the model check can begin in Solibri Model Checker.
  6. If an issue is found, the issue can be selected to view in Solibri.
  7. When the object is selected in Solibri, it’ll also be selected in Vectorworks.
  8. Any changes then made in Vectorworks will instantly appear in Solibri.
  9. From here, another model check can take place to validate changes.

As is the case with any Open BIM workflow, Solibri Direct establishes an intuitive communication between you, your design, and your collaborators.

How Can Solibri Direct Save Me Time and Money?

We get it. The opportunity to save time and money is a pretty big claim. But in design, time is money; and with the live sync between Vectorworks and Solibri, you’ll have a better model for coordination with consultants. This will save you time down the line.

You can also save time by avoiding the cumbersome process of exporting dozens of files. Your BIM model is continually connected to its corresponding IFC model for verification, checking, and coordination.

Using Solibri Direct, you have a direct connection to the leader in BIM quality assurance and quality control, providing out of the box tools for BIM validation, compliance control, design process coordination, design review, analysis, and code checking.  This means that potential — and costly — errors in the construction process are dealt with before you’re even on site.

An improved connection to Solibri is one of the many ways Vectorworks 2022 will let you design without limits. Click the button below to download the newest version of the best design software for the architecture, landscape, and entertainment industries.


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