Top 6 Netflix Shows for Interior Design Inspiration

Posted by Carter Hartong on 12/2/21 11:00 AM   |  5 min read time

“When you know how to listen, everybody is the guru.” This famous teaching from Ram Dass is a meditation on how we can learn from everyone. As an interior designer — similarly — you take inspiration from everywhere.

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Topics: Interiors

Communicate Your Interior Design Vision to Clients

Posted by Carter Hartong on 11/9/21 9:30 AM   |  5 min read time

As an interior designer, you’re attempting to create a space for your clients to inhabit and feel comfortable in, whether it be a domestic space or residential space like an office, lobby, or restaurant. It’s a tremendous task, and one that takes thoughtful planning and consideration.

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From PowerCADD to Vectorworks: A Conversation with Eastlake Studio

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/12/21 9:29 AM   |  10 min read time

Chicago’s Eastlake Studio are on the cutting edge of designing with technology, as evidenced by their broad portfolio of captivating interiors projects. Make sure to read the case study for more information on that.

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Top 6 Vectorworks 2022 Features for Interiors

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/6/21 10:09 AM   |  4 min read time

There’s a lot to talk about with the latest Vectorworks release! Version 2022 is our most exciting yet for so many reasons.

In this article, we’ll explore the top six features in Vectorworks 2022 for interiors professionals. 

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Topics: Product Launch, Interiors

Object Creation & 3D Modeling in Vectorworks

Posted by Alex Altieri on 7/7/21 3:34 PM   |  10 min read time

In a design software, flexible drawing tools and modeling commands are essential to creating unique interior spaces. The last thing anyone would want is for their software to limit their creativity.

Vectorworks Architect is perfect for the designer who’s full of ideas. Consider drawing, modeling, documenting, collaborating, rendering, and presenting any project all in one program — and consider that program equipped with limitless ways to design spaces and objects. Such a program would be quite an asset to a creative mind.

Let’s look at a few strengths Vectorworks Architect offers for 3D modeling.

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows, Interiors

Interior Designers, Render with Style

Posted by Alex Altieri on 11/6/19 3:27 PM   |  6 min read time

Have you ever been impressed by the new-age, well-lit interiors of dentist and orthodontic offices? Have you ever wondered what goes into designing them?

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Topics: Interiors

Clean Sweep: How Solent Students Dominate Interior Design Contests

Posted by Alex Altieri on 7/12/19 11:24 AM   |  5 min read time

When you start the project, you open a blank Vectorworks page, import a building model, intent on creating a stunning interior. You have eyes on first prize, which comes with prize money your classmates desire, too. The deadline approaches and your course grade depends on your creativity. You take a deep breath.

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Topics: Interiors

Toolsets for Success: 3 Prize-winning Designs

Posted by Alex Altieri on 5/28/19 11:55 AM   |  3 min read time

Vectorworks loves supporting student designers. Our Design Scholarship does just that — it’s a chance for students to win a substantial cash prize along with recognition in the realm of design.

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Topics: Academic, Vectorworks Design Scholarship, BIM (Architecture), Interiors

Vectorworks Helps Student Designers Get 2 The Top

Posted by Chloe Jefferson on 5/10/18 9:40 AM   |  2 min read time

We are proud to have been involved in the latest Society of British Interior Designers (SBID) student competition and to be actively involved in their events. It is a privilege to participate in the various activities and competitions SBID holds for interior designers.

Each event held by the SBID helps to find the finest young designers and bridge the gap between students and their careers. By partnering with SBID, we are able to offer a wide array of opportunities for the interior designers of the future.

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The Four Phases of Interior Architecture with Munther Design

Posted by Lauren Burke Meyer on 1/23/17 9:10 AM   |  8 min read time

Some designers don’t think of interior design as an architecturally intensive field, but Lena Munther begs to differ. As the owner of Munther Design, she’s a practicing interior architect who enjoys challenging the status quo of what her profession means to others.

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Topics: BIM (Architecture), Interiors

Inspiration: Constructing a Career in Interior Design

Posted by Pete Hicks on 4/6/16 10:35 AM   |  5 min read time

Marinella Vronti, a recent interior design graduate from the UK, has always known that she wanted a career in the creative industry. “During school, I was always attracted to subjects like art,” Vronti says. “I always knew that I would never be the student to pursue politics or a career in business. I wanted to be able to create things.”

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Topics: Academic, BIM (Architecture), Interiors, News

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