From Instagram: Your Favorite Vectorworks Designs of 2021

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/19/22 10:00 AM   |  2 min read time

If you’re not following Vectorworks on Instagram, you’re missing out on a ton of great content. We do giveaways, provide updates, and share great designs from around the world that were #MadeWithVectorworks.

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6 Rendering Tools for Interior Designs

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/18/22 2:51 PM   |  6 min read time

Have you ever conceptualized a beautiful interior design only to have a client wish they could see more before committing?

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Topics: Interiors

CEO Dr. Sarkar on the Values That Shape Vectorworks

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/16/22 12:00 PM   |  4 min read time

In many ways, what you do defines who you are, and who you are defines what you do. It’s no different for us at Vectorworks. That’s why we’ve built ourselves around the four values of inclusion, balance, collaboration, and innovation, and act upon them each and every day.

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Pioneering Biourbanism Using Design Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/13/22 10:00 AM   |  4 min read time

Adrian McGregor of McGregor Coxall, a Sydney based global landscape architecture, urbanism, and environmental firm, is pioneering the field of biourbanism. He defines the concept simply as cities = nature.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

Your Guide to BIM Acronym Meanings

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/11/22 9:00 AM   |  6 min read time

Building information modeling (BIM) comes with a long list of acronyms. In fact, BIM itself is acronym for both Building Information Modeling and Building Information Model.

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Topics: Resources, BIM (Architecture)

2021 Recap | Vectorworks Development Roadmap

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/10/22 10:13 AM   |  8 min read time

In the age of digital transformation, it’s more important than ever for software developers to be transparent. The rapid advancement means many consumers are focusing on how developers plan to keep up.

That’s a lot of the reason behind our public roadmap. There, you can see what we’re working on for future versions of the software and even leave comments with what you think.

It’s been a little over a year since we first blogged about the roadmap — this time, you'll see what’s happened in the last year as well as explore some roadmap functionality with Vectorworks leadership!

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Vectorworks Tutorial Series | Visualization

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/6/22 2:21 PM   |  2 min read time

The new year means it’s a good time to learn some new skills or freshen up some old ones!

If you’re looking for training on various Vectorworks features and workflows, this tutorial series is a good place to start.

In this post, you’ll see some training videos on various visualization features available with Vectorworks, like:

  • Visualizing data
  • Rendering with Twinmotion
  • 3D printing
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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis with AutoTURN Online

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/4/22 1:53 PM   |  6 min read time

Many building, landscape, and live event projects need to account for vehicle circulation and maneuverability. Sites can be deemed unsafe if they don’t have vehicle flow planned.

Transoft’s AutoTURN products are great for conducting vehicular swept path analysis and simulated vehicle movement. In Vectorworks, the built-in AutoTURN Online connection is an efficient way to help analyze vehicular movement for the proposed site — without leaving the Vectorworks interface!

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Topics: Partner Products, Tech Tips and Workflows

How Vectorworks Employees Will Volunteer in 2022

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/4/22 10:00 AM   |  5 min read time

Read a book a month. Eat better. Take up pottery. Ride your bike to work.

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5 Best Design Blogs of 2021

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/3/22 9:31 AM   |  3 min read time

Happy New Year from Planet Vectorworks!

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This Firm Designed Vincent Van Gogh's Face — with Bricks!

Posted by Leslie Briggs on 12/23/21 11:00 AM   |  3 min read time

Vincent van Gogh, born March 30, 1853, would be 167 years old if he were alive today. The artist has inspired many to create art of their own, including Dutch firm [delacourt][vanbeek], who recently recreated Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat on a courtyard in Zundert, the Netherlands. The brick mosaic now lives outside of the Van Gogh House where Van Gogh was born.

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Topics: BIM (Architecture), Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

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