New Drafting, Modeling, & Visualization Features in Vectorworks 2023

Vectorworks software’s hybrid drawing environment and its integrated visualization capabilities are always getting better, and this is certainly true with the release of Vectorworks 2023!

Centered around the theme of workflow acceleration, the latest version of the software delivers huge efficiency boosts to common tools and workflows. In this blog post, you’ll learn about some of the feature updates that will make you even more efficient.

New Offset Edge Tool

The new Offset Edge tool lets you offset edges and edge loops from planar and non-planar faces. This new tool — along with enhancements to the Push/Pull tool — will give you more flexibility in your creative process, reducing the time and steps required to create unique 3D solid objects.

Adding the new Offset Edge tool to your 3D modeling arsenal means you’ll be able to bring your ideas to life faster than ever before!

Direct Modeling for Doors and Windows

Gone are the days of feeling forced to tediously defining the parameters of these building objects. With direct modeling and editing for Doors and Windows, you can now create and edit doors and windows by simply drawing a rectangle on the face of the wall in 3D or a line spanning the opening in 2D.

You can also easily edit doors and windows using the same process as the familiar reshape tool.

New Shaded Rendering Options

In the newest version of Vectorworks, the Shaded Render Mode is updated to support more light objects, glow textures, environment lighting, environment and object reflections.

Having all of these attributes available in the shaded rendering mode will give you a greater understanding of your 3D model while you're designing. 

Laubwerk Plant Visualization

Breath new (plant) life into your designs.

You’ll now have access Laubwerk’s extensive library of 3D plant objects to communicate a heightened level of detail, seasonal change, and plant growth directly in Vectorworks.

These objects are also memory light, meaning they’ll keep your file sizes manageable.

Hedgerow Tool and Object

A new Hedgerow tool and object will supercharge your landscape design workflow.

You'll be able to easily specify and model hedgerows, seamlessly apply hedges to the site model surface in both 2D and 3D views, quantify by linear unit, and simultaneously illustrate them at mature spread and height.

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