BIM for Landscape Updates in Vectorworks 2023

It’s time for another teaser of what’s coming in Vectorworks 2023!

If you haven’t seen yet, we’ve discussed BIM features, user experience features, and more.

This blog will cover some of the exciting BIM for landscape features coming to Vectorworks Landmark. Watch Vectorworks Landmark Product Planner Katarina Ollikainen talk about the new Hedgerow tool and object as well as railing and fence improvements, then read onwards to see what else in coming to Vectorworks 2023 in regard to BIM for landscape!

Architect Commands Are Coming to Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks Landmark 2023 will contain several commands from Vectorworks Architect that are sure to save you time. Stories, Spaces, Sheet lists and Standard Viewports will be added to the Landmark product and workspace, providing smarter space planning, easier collaboration, and faster documentation processes.

Railing/Fence Optimization

Save time in the latest version of Vectorworks with the optimization of the Railing/Fence tool. With these improvements, you'll be able to identify and report on more sub-parts and produce more accurate material reports as a result. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 3.19.15 PM

Send to Surface Improvements

 In the upcoming version, you'll be able to send objects to a site model surface or a finished surface such as a hardscape or landscape area, saving you time in your 3D site modeling process and creating a more accurate model.

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