Optimizing AV, IT, and Security with Jetbuilt and Vectorworks

This blog was written by Max Kopsho, RCDD, PMP, CTS-I/D, and director of business development and strategy at Jetbuilt.

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The Jetbuilt and Vectorworks partnership is now 2-years old. In those two years, we've learned many important things about how the partnership benefits your AV, IT, and security systems integration workflows.

The partnership is rooted in the shared desire that the integrator and design communities have the best-in-class tools to power your innovation and streamline your businesses.

This  uniquely customized integration that enables you to realize the benefits of both platforms in ways that produce the best of each. A Jetbuilt project can seamlessly export from the database of 3.2M products from over 5000 brands in AV, IT, and security into Vectorworks ConnectCAD to create CAD drawings, BIM models, 3D renderings, and more. A Vectorworks design in ConnectCAD can be efficiently pushed into a Jetbuilt project to enable fast and powerful quoting.

Some of the most significant integration firms in the industry are using the combined power of Jetbuilt and Vectorworks. Below are the five key outcomes they've realized using the Jetbuilt and Vectorworks integration:

  • Substantial improvements in the time it takes to quote
  • Larger projects with higher margins
  • An increase in close rate
  • Added efficiencies
  • Better collaboration
  • A higher level of data integrity and consistency

Let’s explore how these benefits can be realized when working on a project.

Reduce Quote Time and Increase Close Rate

You can realize the value of using the Jetbuilt platform with ConnectCAD by reducing your quote time by more than 50%. The Jetbuilt platform has an incredibly easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows you to build projects from a massive database of AV, IT, and security system items, generating quotes in minutes.  

Those quotes can be easily exported into the Vectorworks ConnectCAD software so that you can validate them and quickly release them to the customer for approval. This process results in winning more projects in a fraction of the time it used to take these often-separated teams. 

Use Current Workflow with Added Efficiencies

Whether your projects start with a site survey and engineering resources specifying the solutions for a system or with your sales team generating a bill of materials for the engineers to build a project later, the integrated solution from the Jetbuilt and Vectorworks partnership fits your workflow. Additionally, the Jetbuilt platform adds some workflow features that will force the team to have their proposal checked by the other team.  

For teams where the engineers start the process and then import the project into Jetbuilt, the workflow forces the team to get approval from sales management before proceeding.  

In the case where the sales team starts the process and then imports the project into ConnectCAD, once the engineers are done with their design, the project can be reimported into the Jetbuilt solution workflow, where the engineers can approve and release it for proposal.

Improve Engagement and Collaboration

When using the Jetbuilt and Vectorworks integration, collaboration and engagement are improved between the client and integrator as well as the design and sales teams.

The Jetbuilt platform has a portal feature that allows projects to be shared with clients.  

The sharing of a project can include project files that are generated in Vectorworks ConnectCAD. Jetbuilt also includes a discussions and assets area where assets are shared so that the client can access the details of the products included in the project. Later, after the project is completed, the client can use the same portal to initiate service calls. The schematic designs generated using Vectorworks would then be available to the client and service technicians to support these service calls. Clients can also initiate projects from within the portal.

Designers and sales teams can leverage the integration with Jetbuilt and Vectorworks by continually communicating throughout all the stages in the project creating an environment of success and a system that supports checks and balances.

Increase Project Size and Scope and Improve Margins

One of the most important aspects of a project and the project proposal is the scope. When building projects on the Jetbuilt platform, you can create a scope for rooms, systems, and the overall project. AI can assist in developing these scopes.

Custom items and bundles in the Jetbuilt system can also be exported and then imported into Vectorworks ConnectCAD as new products to simplify the design process and select the right solutions for a better balance of technical functionality, profitability, and margin when considering installation and support.

Improve Project Quality and Consistency with Data Integrity

Both companies take several extra measures to ensure data integrity when projects are imported and exported between Jetbuilt and Vectorworks. When Vectorworks ConnectCAD imports a bill of materials from Jetbuilt, each unique product code (model number) is matched in the database and has an added measure to check for partial matches to ensure that the right products are populated in both systems. The integration has a screen that shows the database records and allows the user to confirm where products should be mapped in each database.

The measures taken by both Jetbuilt and Vectorworks ensure that the data is correct the first time. This reduces costly change orders and ensures project quality by giving the team what they need to be able to confidently say that the products specified are the ones that will serve the customer’s needs.

The bottom line is that with the integration of Jetbuilt and Vectorworks ConnectCAD, you can win more projects, complete larger projects faster, improve your workflow and efficiency, increase confidence in your data integrity, and better communicate and collaborate internally and externally.

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