Useful Vectorworks Tools to Use When Working from Home

Our daily workflows can become challenging when we don’t have access to the office server and other major files. If you’re working from home, here are some tips on key Vectorworks features that will keep you working efficiently. All videos are courtesy of François Lévy of François Lévy Architecture + Interiors.

Project Sharing<

Project Sharing allows you to simultaneously collaborate with multiple users working on the same file. Vectorworks automatically creates a project file and an individual working file when you activate project sharing. The project file can be hosted on a cloud-based file storage system like Dropbox, giving you remote access to the Vectorworks multi-user environment. Different portions are delegated to different users who will each have their own levels of privilege. And as a time-saver, all of the work is referenced back into the project file.


Webviews and Orbit Animations

Sharing ideas remotely with clients can be easy. Vectorworks lets you create animations and stills and upload them to the web so anyone you’re working with can see your models. This is a simple way to receive feedback from project stakeholders. See how it’s done.


The Redline Tool

You probably can guess what this tool does — it creates red lines. Specifically, though, you can use the Redline Tool to markup drawings, assign tasks, leave comments, and review work with your team. The tool mimics traditional pen-and-paper review sessions.



Referencing means creating live links between documents, so everyone involved in the project has up-to-date information. You can reference your own team’s files into each other, or reference documents from contractors to have that extra context to your design environment.

See how we’re making working from home easier and more manageable for customers by checking out our COVID-19 response blog for more resources.

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