New Vectorworks Partner, New Landscape Design Capabilities

As a landscape design professional, speed and control of your landscape visualizations are  invaluable parts of your design process. And, with Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks Landmark 2023, you’ll be able to specify your plant 3D representations like never before.

Read on to learn more about Laubwerk’s integration, and how it can supercharge your site design workflow with lighter files, easier BIM collaboration, and improved specification.

Laubwerk Plant Objects and Integrating into Vectorworks  

Specializing in “digital botany,” Laubwerk is the newest Gold Partner of the Vectorworks Partner Network. The German software company offers easy-to-use plant objects for designers looking for schematic and realistic 3D plants.

There are two ways to use Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks. One way is by integrating the objects with Landmark plant styles. By doing this, the Laubwerk object becomes the 3D geometry for the selected plant style, and there are 145 different Laubwerk objects in Vectorworks 2023. Integrating the Laubwerk plant objects into the plant styles is a great way to improve your species specifications and the data attached to your models.

You can also use Laubwerk plant objects as stand-alone objects, providing you with a diverse 3D plant representation for your site and landscape models.

Benefits of Laubwerk Plant Objects

Our new partner’s plant objects will provide increased speed in managing a more developed 3D-modeled landscape. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Laubwerk plant objects.

Lighter Files

Stunning, detail-rich plant objects typically bog down your design file. This, however, isn’t the case with Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks. Your file will remain nimble, responsive, and easy to share with your consultants.

When working with the new 3D plant objects in Vectorworks, you can switch between the following six species-specific representations:

  • Proxy
  • Symbol
  • Cross-symbol
  • Low-level detail
  • Medium-level detail
  • High-level detail
Easier BIM Collaboration                      

The inclusion of Laubwerk plant objects will also aide your collaborative process and BIM workflows.

If you and your consultants are conducting a BIM file exchange, for example, you could quickly change your plant objects to a proxy or symbol representation. This representation will give the professionals you’re working with a sense of the canopy without other unnecessary detail.

Additionally, if you connect the Laubwerk plant objects with Vectorworks’ smart Plant tool, plant data and below-grade root zones will be associated with the geometry. So, if you’re working around and/or on an existing structure, you and your consultants can perform clash detections and other tests to ensure the integrity of the proposed planting with its surroundings.

Improved Visualization              

Along with the six previously-mentioned representations, you’ll also be able to edit the age and seasonality of 145 different species. These differentiations provide you with the opportunity to display more natural, realistic representations in your model.

Improved visualization will help you and your collaborators better understand the specific details of your project, and it will also give you a better chance to win more work with stunning renderings and models.

Landscape Design Professionals Using Laubwerk Plant Objects in Vectorworks

Don’t just take our word for it — landscape design professionals are already using Laubwerk plant objects in Landmark to great success.

Sebastian Riesop, a Vectorworks beta tester and design professional for WKM Landschaftsarchitekten, used the Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks to create the following representations:

Laubwerk Symbol

An example of symbol representations of Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks Landmark 2023. Image courtesy of Sebastian Riesop and WKM Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH.

Laubwerk Proxy

An example of proxy representations of Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks Landmark 2023. Image courtesy of Sebastian Riesop and WKM Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH.

Laubwerk High DetailAn example of high-detail representations of Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks Landmark 2023. Image courtesy of Sebastian Riesop and WKM Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH.

Speed and efficiency were at the top of Riesop’s mind when asked about the new plant content feature: “With the new Laubwerk tool we can display trees easily and quickly. With a few clicks, the level of abstraction, size, and habit can be adjusted. Even the seasons can be selected. The Laubwerk tool makes it possible to present plants appropriately in all design phases.” 

Supercharge Your Workflow

The integration of Laubwerk plant objects is one of many new features and updates in Vectorworks 2023 that speed up your workflow and let you spend more time designing. Click the button below to learn more about the latest version of our software.SUPERCHARGE YOUR WORKFLOW

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