New Vectorworks Partner, New Landscape Design Capabilities

Posted by Carter Hartong on 10/7/22 1:37 PM   |  5 min read time

As a landscape design professional, speed and control of your landscape visualizations are  invaluable parts of your design process. And, with Laubwerk plant objects in Vectorworks Landmark 2023, you’ll be able to specify your plant 3D representations like never before.

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BIM for Landscape Updates in Vectorworks 2023

Posted by Alex Altieri on 8/31/22 9:46 AM   |  2 min read time

It’s time for another teaser of what’s coming in Vectorworks 2023!

If you haven’t seen yet, we’ve discussed BIM features, user experience features, and more.

This blog will cover some of the exciting BIM for landscape features coming to Vectorworks Landmark. Watch Vectorworks Landmark Product Planner Katarina Ollikainen talk about the new Hedgerow tool and object as well as railing and fence improvements, then read onwards to see what else in coming to Vectorworks 2023 in regard to BIM for landscape!

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Water Conservation Strategies for Sustainable Site Design

Posted by Alex Altieri on 6/27/22 11:45 AM   |  7 min read time

This blog will give you a rundown of various strategies and design considerations for water conservation, a critical aspect of designing sustainable sites.

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New Case Study | Landscape Design-Build with Curbs Studio

Posted by Alex Altieri on 5/18/22 2:41 PM   |  2 min read time

There’s a new case study up on the Customer Showcase that you’ll want to check out, even if you’re not familiar with the landscape side of Vectorworks software.

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Importing Revit Files into Vectorworks Landmark

Posted by Alex Altieri on 4/29/22 9:48 AM   |  4 min read time

Picture your history of site design work. How often have you collaborated with architects who use Revit?

Was your answer “at least once?” Then you’re probably skeptical of how well other design solutions can handle RVT and RFA files.

Fortunately, Vectorworks Landmark boasts some practical and reliable features for collaborating via Revit files. In this blog, you’ll see an overview of Vectorworks’ capabilities for interoperability with Revit and get access to a guide written by our landscape industry specialists.

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Helpful Vectorworks Landmark Features to Use for Winning Work

Posted by Alex Altieri on 3/17/22 12:24 PM   |  4 min read time

There’s no denying that it takes skill to navigate the landscape design/sales process; however, many designers overlook the fact that their software can help with sales!

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Getting Projects Done Faster in Landscape Design/Build

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/22/22 11:06 AM   |  4 min read time

The design/sales process within the landscape design/build field is defined by its quick turnaround times and client budget constraints. Firms are looking for the fastest way to complete a project and with the least amount of complications to achieve increasing profitability.

This is true for a lot of industries, of course, but the design/build professional acts as project manager in addition to designer. They’re essentially a single source of responsibility for a project contract, unlike, say, a design-only landscape architect or designer who isn’t building or installing.

This makes efficiency vital to design/build. In this blog, you’ll see a few capabilities within Landmark that are sure to speed up the process.

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Pioneering Biourbanism Using Design Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/13/22 10:00 AM   |  4 min read time

Adrian McGregor of McGregor Coxall, a Sydney based global landscape architecture, urbanism, and environmental firm, is pioneering the field of biourbanism. He defines the concept simply as cities = nature.

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Boost Your Landscape Design Workflow with Georeferencing

Posted by Carter Hartong on 12/17/21 9:30 AM   |  4 min read time

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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Best-Practice Workflows | Landscape Area, Hardscape, & Plant Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/15/21 10:30 AM   |  6 min read time

We’ve written a lot on Planet Vectorworks about BIM for landscape, and that’s because we’re passionate about how the industry is in the process of adopting smarter, more robust, data-driven workflows.

It’s no stretch to say that Vectorworks is the premier tool for landscape BIM. This blog explains why.

In this blog, you’ll see how three of the BIM tools in Vectorworks Landmark set you up for a successful BIM process. Those tools are:

  • The Landscape Area tool.
  • The Hardscape tool.
  • The Plant tool.
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2021 RHS Chelsea Flower Show | Gardens Designed with Vectorworks

Posted by Alex Altieri on 9/17/21 1:04 PM   |  3 min read time

For the first time in its 108-year history, the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show will be held in autumn instead of spring.

Known as the world’s greatest flower show, the event is taking place from September 20 to September 25, 2021, to highlight the seasonality of flora; the autumnal show will offer a different look and feel than the typical late-spring show, which occurred virtually this year.

Excitingly, many Vectorworks users are gearing up for Chelsea! Here are just a few of the projects that will be showcased this year.

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Why BIM Is Taking Over Landscape Architecture

Posted by Alex Altieri on 3/8/21 10:44 AM   |  35 min read time

Building information modeling (BIM) has become commonplace in the AEC industry due to its advantages over traditional CAD. It's easy to see that information modeling carries the same benefits for the landscape industries as we already see in the AEC sector.

That's what this blog is about — showing the benefits of a BIM framework within the landscape sector and illustrating that BIM doesn't require a complete reinvention of today's workflows. BIM is an amplification of the design work you already do and is a means to make holistic, informed design decisions earlier in the process.

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Garden of Nervure: How One Firm Brought Life to Luxury Apartments

Posted by Leslie Briggs on 11/24/20 12:00 PM   |  5 min read time

Since 1990, Japanese landscape architecture firm PLACEMEDIA has maintained a crucial ideology — that landscape architects, while specialists, must incorporate the perspectives of all project stakeholders in order to deliver a successful design.

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