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Alex Altieri
A content writer with Vectorworks since early 2019, Alex comes from a background of journalism and philosophy. He believes that the AEC, landscape, and entertainment industries are filled with untold stories — stories about the most creative people in the world.
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Getting Projects Done Faster in Landscape Design/Build

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/22/22 11:06 AM   |  4 min read time

The design/sales process within the landscape design/build field is defined by its quick turnaround times and client budget constraints. Firms are looking for the fastest way to complete a project and with the least amount of complications to achieve increasing profitability.

This is true for a lot of industries, of course, but the design/build professional acts as project manager in addition to designer. They’re essentially a single source of responsibility for a project contract, unlike, say, a design-only landscape architect or designer who isn’t building or installing.

This makes efficiency vital to design/build. In this blog, you’ll see a few capabilities within Landmark that are sure to speed up the process.

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows

3 Ways BIM for Landscape Methodology Made This Project Flourish

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/22/22 11:00 AM   |  3 min read time

There’s a lot of information to consider with BIM. Taking a look at a project by scape Landschaftsarchitekten can illustrate a few reasons why (and how) a dedicated BIM effort makes the design process a whole lot smoother and, as a result, more effective.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

How Vectorworks Unique Workflows Lead to Successful BIM

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/18/22 11:00 AM   |  8 min read time

In this article, Vectorworks product marketing director and architect Rubina Siddiqui, assoc. AIA, writes about the unique workflows in Vectorworks Architect that enable successful BIM workflows.

This article initially appeared on AECCafe on May 12, 2020. 

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Topics: BIM (Architecture)

Strategies for Designing Towards Net Zero Carbon

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/17/22 3:25 PM   |  6 min read time

Nate Kipnis, FAIA, is a leading activist in the realm of sustainability in architecture. Along with coining the term “High Design, Low Carbon,” Kipnis has taken the front seat in the journey towards carbon neutrality in architecture. Many of his projects with Kipnis Architecture + Planning demonstrate carbon reduction strategies as well as a decades-long commitment to environmental sustainability. This blog covers one of those projects.

In a webinar on Architectural Record, Kipnis discussed the overwhelming impact of the building industry’s rising embodied carbon levels. He made it clear that we’re nearing a crisis-level situation, and he outlined many steps we can take to address it.

Before we get into what architects can do to help, let’s first establish some definitions.

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Topics: Resources, BIM (Architecture)

Designing in Love | an Archeo-tainment Strategy

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/14/22 11:24 AM   |  6 min read time

It’s unusual for a couple to base their personal relationship on what they accomplish professionally — but that’s exactly what Patrizia De Masi and Walter Lutzu have done.

From Italy, the couple are co-founders of Photonika, a company aimed at producing experiences that place human well-being front and center. Though Patrizia focuses primarily on architectural lighting design and Lutzu focuses primarily on entertainment lighting, the two have shared such a deep interest in each other’s work that has given birth to unique concepts, the latest of which is called “archeo-tainment.”

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Topics: Project Highlight, Production & Lighting Design

What You Need to Know about Getting Started with Vectorworks Architect

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/11/22 4:54 PM   |  11 min read time

Looking into switching to Vectorworks Architect? This is the blog for you!

We know there’s a lot to consider when you’re evaluating design software, and so this blog is going to cover Vectorworks’ unique advantages, explore major aspects of the transition process, and offer resources to help you make your decision.

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Topics: Resources

Design Resolutions to Set in 2022

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/9/22 5:18 PM   |  5 min read time

As we move through the first quarter of 2022, there’s still time to set some design resolutions for the rest of the year!

This blog will examine a few industry trends to give you a solid baseline for setting design goals for the rest of the year. 

At the end of this post, you’ll find a survey with a few short questions about what you’re working towards. In December, we’ll publish the most common answers so you can see what your Vectorworks peers are working on!

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Students, We Have Software for You.

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/8/22 4:15 PM   |  5 min read time

Are you a student looking to make an impact in your field? Are you ready to wow your professors with great design?

We understand that student life can be tough. You’re balancing what seems like a never-ending list of new responsibilities, not to mention that your pockets aren’t exactly overflowing at the moment. So where does one find the time and energy to think about design software?

Let us help you answer that question. In this blog post, we’ll quickly break down and simplify everything available to you as a student from us at Vectorworks!

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Topics: Academic, Resources

Did You Know About Vectorworks' Embodied Carbon Calculator?

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/28/22 9:14 AM   |  6 min read time

Governments and legislative bodies are targeting net zero carbon emissions in building operation and construction. Read more about sustainable architecture on AIA’s 2030 Commitment webpage.

For architects, targeting net zero carbon means that analyzing projects’ environmental footprints is more important now than ever.

To reach true net zero carbon emissions, you’ll need a way to calculate embodied carbon throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

That’s where the Vectorworks Embodied Carbon Calculator (VECC) comes in — it's a custom worksheet that's pre-formatted to help calculate embodied carbon levels of a project. This blog will offer some details about the worksheet and provide you a link to download the file to use yourself. 

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Pioneering Biourbanism Using Design Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/13/22 10:00 AM   |  4 min read time

Adrian McGregor of McGregor Coxall, a Sydney based global landscape architecture, urbanism, and environmental firm, is pioneering the field of biourbanism. He defines the concept simply as cities = nature.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

2021 Recap | Vectorworks Development Roadmap

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/10/22 10:13 AM   |  8 min read time

In the age of digital transformation, it’s more important than ever for software developers to be transparent. The rapid advancement means many consumers are focusing on how developers plan to keep up.

That’s a lot of the reason behind our public roadmap. There, you can see what we’re working on for future versions of the software and even leave comments with what you think.

It’s been a little over a year since we first blogged about the roadmap — this time, you'll see what’s happened in the last year as well as explore some roadmap functionality with Vectorworks leadership!

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Topics: News

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